The next generation of organizational content. Training isn’t working
but just-in-time content is.

Training and Communication
Provide your employees, partners and customers with in-person and video-based distance learning that “moves the needle” on business results. Learn More

Sales Development
Train your sales force on 4th Generation Selling to drive direct and channel sales gains. Learn More

Consulting and Research
Experience CooperComm’s organization-wide performance excellence business transformation process, based on proven best practices from hundreds of organizations. Learn More

Videofy Your Content

It used to require a big studio, lots of staff, and cost tens of thousands of dollars. Now, with new depth-sensing cameras and digital video, anyone can do it live, anywhere, for a few hundred dollars.

Leverage the latest technology in T4™ Video to revolutionize your live sales webcasts, and communication with prospects, customers, salespeople, and channel partners.

Taming the Terrible Too’s of Training is an easy to use, practical roadmap for creating workplace training that actually works–anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Offering a mix of both theory and practice, it was developed from experience in training for thousands of organizations and from analyzing extensive academic and industry research to determine what works in the digital age.


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