CooperComm, Inc.


Founded in 1976, CooperComm, Inc. is a technology-based content development and consulting provider headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri.

In the learning space, CooperComm has delivered over 2,500 seminars, conducted numerous live broadcast sessions, and has authored hundreds of e-learning programs. Topics include leadership, sales, and personal productivity.

As a consultant, CooperComm has conducted enterprise-wide organizational transformation engagements. These have used the Baldrige criteria, six sigma, and balanced scorecard principles to drive major improvements in business results.

As a researcher, CooperComm focuses extensively on learning effectiveness. We have authored organizational climate and leadership surveys, scored tens of thousands of responses, and used the results to create a best practices leadership model. CooperComm is also the author of the TIPC Tendencies methodology, a tailored version of the classic DISC styles framework.

CooperComm’s work has been covered by major business periodicals, written up in book form, and popularized in hundreds of radio and TV appearances.


Terrible Two’s of Training

Terrible Twos of Training Book

Most workplace development suffers from the “Terrible Too’s”:

  • Not tactical enough
  • Too much, too long, too boring, too expensive
  • Not tactical enough
  • Single events with no refresh follow-up
  • Weak or no supervisor coaching

CooperComm delivers services based on T4™ design standards that are proven to drive improved business results.

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