Past Projects

Representative CooperComm training, consulting, and research projects include:


  • Spoke to over 2,500 management and sales audiences on productivity and effectiveness.
  • Presented 100+ training seminars each for clients such as Apple, IBM, Monsanto, and Anheuser-Busch.
  • Created and delivered hundreds of customized management and sales training seminars.
  • Wrote and conducted live satellite TV training sessions for Apple, Anheuser-Busch, and ComputerLand.
  • Created a five-course TQM sequence, tested and delivered the courses, trained the trainers.
  • Created a seven-part Team Building series and materials for a national training firm.


e-Learning Development

  • Used a T4™ Video “mini-studio” to create a prospect conversion training series for 50 laser vision surgery centers.
  • Developed a “How to Create Great TV-Style Video” training series for BizLibrary.
  • Produced a Core Sales Call Skills video-based training series for Peterson Farms Seed.
  • Co-authored Taming the Terrible Too’s of Training: How to improve workplace performance in the digital age, TotalComm Press 2012.
  • Created 500+ off-the-shelf and custom video-based e-learning programs for ej4, LLC in the areas of leadership, management, supervision, sales, negotiating, communications, personal productivity, and HR compliance.
  • Consulted with ej4 customers in using custom content to drive specific performance improvement metrics.
  • Conducted research on adult learning principles and how they apply to business training.
  • Developed a CD-based series on shelf set management software training for Anheuser-Busch.
  • Authored WBT content and tests for Iomega Network Attached Storage reseller training course.
  • Developed proprietary justification, cost estimating, quality control, and design tools.
  • Taught “Introduction to Computer-Based Training” worldwide for Apple Computer.
  • Co-taught “Video in the Classroom” in the graduate education program of the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

Executive Consulting

  • Implemented a A.I.M. enterprise transformation process based on the Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence for two Pepsi-Cola bottlers.
  • Facilitated a 5-year TQM change process for 800+ Anheuser-Busch distributors.
  • Evaluated executive and sales staff personnel for the President of Apple U.S.
  • Co-developed the BizControl Solutions methodology for business control.
  • Led Momentum Graphics’ management team restructuring to create a profitable business model.
  • Led reengineering for the Lutheran Church World Mission to reduce costs by 25%.
  • Served on the Board of Directors of an international shoe manufacturer.

Competency Modeling and Reporting

  • Authored Effective Competency Modeling and Reporting, AMACOM 2000.
  • Spoke on competencies at 32nd Global HR Management Conference, Nice, France, 2000.
  • Created a Sales Department competency modeling system for Anheuser-Busch.
  • Created a competency model and assessment for Monsanto “Star” agricultural dealers.
  • Helped enhance a learning management system for Librix/Maritz Learning.
  • Developed the Competency Coach® for Windows relational database program.

Customer Relationship Management

  • Authored The Relational Enterprise: Moving beyond CRM to maximize ALL your business relationships, AMACOM 2002.
  • Determined call center profit targets and created sales training for a soft drink bottler.
  • Helped PeopleSoft assimilate Vantive products with CRM becoming the leading product line:
  • Created and conducted worldwide CRM sales and technology training.
  • Trained U.S., European, and Australian partners on PeopleSoft CRM.
  • Trained PWC Germany team on CRM principles and PeopleSoft technologies.
  • Authored “Recommendations for CRM Project Justifications” white paper.

Technology/marketing consulting

  • Helped Iomega build a $100MM enterprise business; created sales tools and training.
  • Created competitive sales strategies and tools for Apple and its reseller partners.
  • Provided corporate desktop architecture recommendations for McDonnell-Douglas.
  • Author of white papers on removable mass storage and technology ROI.
  • Beta-tested and analyzed products from Iomega, Quantum, Apple, Microsoft, and Asymetrix.

Research and surveys

  • Designed surveys, administered over 10,000 TQM Leadership and Climate responses.
  • Completed research on what behaviors buyers want from salespeople.
  • Created the TIPC Multi-Form® Tendencies questionnaire to replace DiSC instruments.
  • Co-developed the Effectance Motivation Questionnaire (POS).
  • Surveyed enterprise buyers to determine how they buy and justify Iomega storage products.

Terrible Two’s of Training

Terrible Twos of Training Book

Most workplace development suffers from the “Terrible Too’s”:

  • Not tactical enough
  • Too much, too long, too boring, too expensive
  • Not tactical enough
  • Single events with no refresh follow-up
  • Weak or no supervisor coaching

CooperComm delivers services based on T4™ design standards that are proven to drive improved business results.

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