Professional Books

Taming the Terrible Too’s of Training:
How to improve performance in the digital age
with Dan Cooper
TotalComm Press, 2012

Presents the latest research on adult learning in the workplace in 43 short chapters. Includes specific recommendations at the end of each chapter.

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  The Relational Enterprise:
Moving beyond CRM to maximize ALL your business relationships
AMACOM, 2002

An analysis of what the extended enterprise of the future will look like, and what systems will be required to managing the internal and external relationships.

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ECMAR book cover Effective Competency Modeling & Reporting:
A step-by-step guide for improving individual & organizational performance

AMACOM, 2000

A complete how-to on designing and implementing a valid, reliable, and accurate competency modeling process. Including early design decisions, sources of competency information, building the model, designing an assessment, evaluating results, and developing individual development plans from the data.

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  Stop It Now: How targets and managers can end sexual harassment
TotalComm Press, 1985

A legal and behavioral look at sexual harassment in the workplace. Provides unique analytical, communications, and managerial tools to communicate and counsel employees with the goal of eliminating the problem.


BodyBusiness:The sender’s and receiver’s guide to nonverbal communication

  • AMACOM, 1981.
  • Kroppspråket–Din Genväg Till Framgång, Liber, 1981.
  • Communicacion No Verbal Para Ejecutivos, Interamericana, 1982.

A body language scanning process for body position and movement that helps reliably read others and project better in business situations.


CooperComm, Inc. provides performance support solutions that are tactical learning, i.e., small bites of engaging video-based content delivered directly at the point of need. It is "do this, say this" information designed to generate specific and immediate results.

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