Continuing research on improving organizational and individual productivity:

Areas of focus on workplace learning include:

  • Performance support systems versus training in improving workplace productivity.
  • Instructional design requirements for training both novice and experienced learners.
  • Production processes for video-based online content.
  • Best practices in competency modeling and reporting.

Areas of focus in general business include:

  • Sales process best practices.
  • Leadership best practices based on employee feedback.
  • The Multi-Form™ Tendencies model for DISC assessment.


Terrible Two’s of Training

Terrible Twos of Training Book

Most workplace development suffers from the “Terrible Too’s”:

  • Not tactical enough
  • Too much, too long, too boring, too expensive
  • Not tactical enough
  • Single events with no refresh follow-up
  • Weak or no supervisor coaching

CooperComm delivers services based on T4™ design standards that are proven to drive improved business results.

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