T4™ Video

Videofy your in-house content production

  • Create live or recorded TV-style video without an expensive green-screen studio.
  • Use new low-cost depth-sensing cameras to create engaging content.
  • Personalize your remote sales presentations, training webinars, and informational webcasts with a live on-screen presenter.


Research shows that TV-style video, integrating a presenter on-screen with the content, is one of the most powerful and popular mediums you can use.

New depth-sensing camera technology is making it possible for anyone to create professional, chroma-key video for just a few hundred dollars. But it requires different instructional design and development skills.

Let CooperComm show you how to create great T4™ Video:

PL screenshotBased on the research in the book, Taming the Terrible Too’s of Training (TV™), you will learn how to:

  • Specify the studio facility, equipment, and software
  • Set up the studio
  • Evaluate candidates
  • Instructional design training
  • Graphics arts training
  • Studio producer and editor training
  • Presenter training
  • Deployment recommendations
  • Program quality control assessment

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