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Successful startup founder, executive coach, consultant, speaker, and author.

Learning with t4™ video

Create training that works using T4™ instructional design and deployment

There's a giant disconnect in workplace training today. A large body of research that shows that training isn't generating results.The problem is that most workplace training suffers from the "Terrible Too's" ... It's too much, too long, too boring, too inefficient, too early, and definitely too expensive.Learn what it takes to develop training T4™ style training, and actually generate the desired business results.

TV-style video mini-studio production

Create your own in-house HD video greenscreen production facility for <$1,000Use new low-cost HD video technologies, standard software and a PC to quickly and easily create an engaging "Evening News" look for your training and communication. It fits in a 10 x 10 space ... with no marginal cost for new programs.CooperComm will:

  • Specify the mini-studio facility, equipment, and software

  • Install the mini-studio

  • Evaluate production team candidates

  • Provide live and online training for producers, directors, instructional designers, graphics artists, presenters, studio techs, and editors

  • Provide deployment recommendations

  • Provide formal program assessment for quality control

... or handle the complete development and production for you on an outsourced basis.

Get Control of Your Business

Eliminate unnecessary expense with unique BizControl Solutions

Improving business control is the one of the fastest ways available today to reduce costs.Mistakes in business controls have cost organizations billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses. They all suffered major losses due to failures in control ... control catastrophes.Yet they passed their audits and management certified that they had proper controls in place. But evidently they didn't.WATCH "Introduction to Business Controls" to find out what's missing:

Mistakes in business controls have cost organizations billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses.We provide complete services to help you apply a "best practices" business controls process throughout your organization. Check out the details in our new book available on Amazon:

And WATCH to find out why Ethics initiatives just don't work in "Ethics: The Misguided Solution":

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