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Pick any day’s business news and there will be articles where a lack of good business control has cost organizations significant losses. An effective business control process (which is much more than traditional financial controls) is also an active defense required to support management's personal certification of reporting accuracy.

Improving business controls is simply the fastest way available today to put money back on the bottom line. 


Business controls is a new “core competency” for every executive, manager, and supervisor in today's organization. BizControl Solutions provides a best-practices process for business controls assessment, remediation, organizational development, and prevention of controls problems.

BizControl Solutions helps clients develop the capabilities required to:

  • Reduce risk and increase profits by improving business controls.
  • Meet financial reporting and control requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
    (Corporate Reform Act).
  • Provide proactive “best effort” support for an active defense in case of inadvertent error.


Boards of Directors, executives, management teams, supervisors, finance and I.T. professionals, compliance departments, operations personnel, i.e., anyone who must ensure control of the organization and certify accuracy of reporting. 


Leader support for implementing “best practices” in business control

The entire management team is now responsible for ensuring that the controls statement in the annual report is indeed correct—that proper controls are in place and that employees are properly prepared to execute them. A certification-based business control program is also required by executives as an active defense against inadvertent or malicious reporting errors.

Organization controls assessment 

A proven organizational assessment process for determining the state of all organizational controls. A top-down investigation of control status and issues, and an identification of areas of risk and unnecessary expenditure.

Consulting to establish a “best practices” business controls process

A proven implementation process to improving controls assisting organizations to:

  • Generate and announce full management support from the top-down.
  • Implement new board-level practices to ensure control of the organization.
  • Create a business controls focus in all organization vision, mission, and values statements.
  • Implement business controls as a new “core competency” for all executives, managers, and supervisors (and selected front-line personnel.) Includes modifying competency models, job descriptions, hiring processes, individual performance plans, appraisal templates, decision guides, project management tools, financial and I.T. standards, evaluation of acquisition candidates, etc.
  • Train, certify, track, and create mastery for all executives, managers, supervisors (and selected front-line personnel) on business controls principles and skills.
  • Implement of a dedicated business controls function.
  • Institute a permanent, cross-functional business controls review team from each major business area and/or department.
  • Formally communicate to all executives, managers, and supervisors of controls issues, problems, and successes.
  • Creating an anonymous front-line reporting process for out-of-control issues.

Business controls training

Provide customized “Getting Control of Your Business” training to all executives, managers, and supervisors, and also to selected front-line personnel plus entire departments such as accounting, auditing, and purchasing.

“Pain point” resolution

Utilize a point-solution process for investigating specific out-of-control situations requiring immediate attention and fixing them.


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