Founded in 1976, CooperComm, Inc. is a research-based performance excellence consulting firm.

CONSULTING: CooperComm has conducted enterprise-wide organizational transformation engagements. These have used the Baldrige Criteria, Lean Six Sigma, and Balanced Scorecard principles to drive dramatic improvements in business results.

LEARNING: CooperComm has delivered over 2,500 seminars, conducted live satellite TV broadcast sessions for organizations such as Anheuser-Busch and Apple, and has authored 1,100+ e-learning programs. Topics include communication, leadership, marketing, sales, and personal productivity. CooperComm is also the creator of the T4™ instructional design methodology.

RESEARCH: CooperComm focuses extensively on individual and organizational development. We have authored organizational climate and leadership surveys, scored tens of thousands of responses, and used the results to create a best practices leadership model.


About Ken Cooper ...

Ken has over 35 years experience as a consultant, coach, speaker, trainer, and successful startup founder. He has been viewed millions of times by thousands of live and online clients.  Ken's work has been covered by major business periodicals, written up in book form, and popularized in hundreds of radio and TV appearances. 

Ken has worked with hundreds of clients such as: Apple, Anheuser-Busch, Kerry, Monsanto, Pepsi-Cola, Peoplesoft, Syngenta, Maritz, IBM, and SHAZAM Financial Network, along with numerous small and medium-sized organizations.

Ken is a recognized expert in the areas of organizational development and productivity, and has created video-based online training programs for Anheuser-Busch, BizLibrary, and He has spoken at major industry events, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances discussing his work and publications.

Ken is the co-author of Stop It Now: How targets & managers can end sexual harassment (TotalComm Press), BodyBusiness: The sender’s & receiver’s guide to nonverbal communication (AMACOM), and he is the co-author of Taming the Terrible Too’s of Training (TotalComm Press), in addition to other books.

Ken has also written numerous articles and white papers, and has been published in Entrepreneur, The Corporate Board, Leadership Excellence Essentials, Chief Learning Officer, Training, and other business publications.