Developed the T4 Video e-learning instructional design and production methodology. Developed a mini-studio architecture and process to develop low-cost T4 Video.

Authored 1,000+ video-based business e-learning scripts for BizLibrary.com.

Helped Kerry set up remote T4 Video mini-studios to produce e-learning. Trained the trainers on T4 instructional design and presentation methodology.

Helped TLC Vision/Laser Vision International set up T4 Video mini-studios. Produced a"Persuasive Conversation Skills" training series for surgery center personnel.

Produced a 43-part video training series on "How to flip the classroom and 'videofy' your training using T4 Video."

Authored and presented 250+ video-based e-learning programs for ej4.com.

Authored and presented hundreds of custom video programs for clients such as: Pepsi-Cola, Anheuser-Busch/MillerCoors, SHAZAM bank network, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Monsanto/Channel Bio, Syngenta/Golden Harvest, SimplifyMD, TLCVision, Peterson Seeds, and Time-Warner.

Authored WBT content and tests to train resellers on Iomega Network Attached Storage products.

Produced a 10-part "Intercept 101 Basic Skills" CBT shelfset management training series for Anheuser-Busch/Wholesaler Integrated Learning.

Produced "BeerTender's Guide" CBT for Anheuser-Busch.

Produced "The I.T. Customer Speaks" CBT for PeopleSoft/CRM.

Created "Competency Coach® for Windows" competency modeling and assessment database software.

Produced "QA-QUIZ" CBT learning game.

Produced "Trainer Quiz" and "Executive Personnel Introduction" courseware for Marion-Merrill Dow (with TOTO Communications, Inc.)

Taught "Introduction to CBT" worldwide for Apple.

Co-taught "Video in the Classroom" in the graduate education program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.