Leadership development


Building an effective leadership team ● Change management ● Coaching skills ● Creating a Framework for Execution™ ● Diversity ● Ethics and business control ● Hallmarks of a followable leader ● How leaders lead ● How to motivate employees ● Impedership ● Open book management ● Media spokesperson training ● Mentoring ● Performance reviews ● Positive discipline ● Project management ● Practical reengineering ● 7 wrong ways to manage ● Strategic planning ● Transformational leadership ● Using feedback to improve your business ● The Relational Enterprise ● Vision, MIssion and Value statements ● Working with a "pronoid"

leadership coaching

In partnership with AIM Consulting, CooperComm offers a comprehensive enterprise-wide business transformation service based on the Baldrige Excellence Framework, Lean Six Sigma, and Balanced Scorecard methodologies.


Implemented an 18-month AIM transformation with two large Pepsi-Cola bottlers.

Facilitated a 5-year "Fas-Trac" TQM change process for 800+ Anheuser-Busch distributors.

Evaluated executive and sales staff personnel for the President of Apple U.S.

Co-developed the BizControl Solutions methodology for total business control.

Led Momentum Graphics’ management team restructuring to create a profitable business model.

Led reengineering for the Lutheran Church World Mission to reduce costs by 25%.

Served on the Board of Directors of an international shoe manufacturer.