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Audios from the TDM/McGraw-Hill Management Development series:


How to master the nuances of body language—the true communicator’s edge
Introduces a simple “scanning” technique to ensure the proper interpretation of body language—even of conflicting signals. Identified the most common nonverbal mistakes and teaches how to correct them.


How to defuse criticism and inspire and motivate staff

­Shows how to handle conflict in the workplace, including delivering and receiving criticism. Focuses on prevention, handling problems, and maintaining a good attitude.


How to develop your personal management skills

Presents a 5-step process for managing both self-development and the professional development of subordinates.


How to access consciously what the brain stores automatically

Teaches how to gain conscious access to the vast amounts of information the brain stores automatically. A 4-step "memory fix" method is used to grasp, retain, and recall key business information.

Videos from The International Program Source:


60 minutes

­Ken Cooper regales an audience with a dynamic presentation, laced with humor and startling truths about the impact of body language. Once mastered, it has a double advantage: a way to heighten the impact you make—a way to read the nonverbal signals of others.

Conflict Management

57 minutes

Ken Cooper shows you how to defuse criticism and calm down others. Ignite your staff into positive action, create a positive work environment, and encourage productive people to come to you with their ideas.


67 minutes

These techniques will help you develop alertness, save time, and improve your productivity—whatever the task. Learn reactive listening, the three methods to remember facts, and a 4-step procedure to ensure recall of important information.