research & surveys


Developed a full range of behavior tools to help communicate about sexual harassment incidents, to pinpoint behavior, and to prevent harassment.

Researched military sexual trauma (MST) conditions, and completed a cultural and messaging analysis on the problem.

Developed the T4™ instructional design methodology.

Designed surveys, and administered over 10,000 TQM Leadership and Organizational Climate responses. Developed a model for "Leadership through Excellence of Character."

Completed research on what behaviors enterprise technology buyers want from salespeople.

Conducted sales force, channel, and customer needs phone surveys for a wide range of clients.

Created the TIPC Multi-Form® Tendencies questionnaire to eliminate the bias in DiSC instruments.

Co-developed the Effectance Motivation Questionnaire (POS).

Surveyed enterprise buyers to determine how they buy and justify Iomega storage products.

Created a step-by-step methodology to develop a competency modeling and reporting process.