Sales Development Services


Help your sales force and channel partners increase sales and profitability with these services:

  • Message development
  • Linking Sales to Marketing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sales tool evaluation
  • Sales process improvement
  • Sales manager training
  • Sales force and channel training
  • Sales call and territory strategy training
  • Refresh learning
  • Sales force evaluation and coaching

Available Sales Training

Sales Training

Fundamentals of the sales call ● Handling objections ● Key account selling ● Strategic selling ● Challenger selling ● How to leave phone messages that get returned ● How to work a room ●  No-Push® Selling ● Selling to different DISC styles ● Prospecting by phone ● Sales presentation skills ● Selling at a distance ● Conducting great sales webinars ● Selling to different generations


Negotiating skills ● Negotiating with different DISC styles ● Framing and negotiating


Active listening ● Being a great conversationalist ● Body language in sales ● Conflict management ● Creating great customer conversations ● Verbal communication skills ● Writing effective e-mails ● Writing effective memos ● Writing effective proposals

Sales Management

Sales management ● Sales territory development ● Sales coaching skills ● Evaluating salespeople ●  Fixing the Sales/Marketing disconnect ● How to conduct a ride-along ● How to motivate salespeople ● Running a sales meeting ● The 4 P's in creating loyal customers ● Using feedback to improve your business ● Videofy your selling ● Sales compensation ● Strategic planning ● Using the Sales Revenue Model™  


Creativity ● Emotional intelligence ● Ethics in sales ● Framing: Decision-making under risk ● How to be liked ● How to be respected ● How to deliver bad news ● How to work or sell to someone you dislike ● Managing stress ● Personal time management  ●  Remembering names and faces ● Stop procrastinating

Additional Content

Customer service ● Facilitation skills ● Effectance motivation ● Interviewing techniques ● Media spokesperson training